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Chairman’s Speech
Chairman’s Speech

Health is the premise of the country's comprehensive development and the common pursuit and dream of human society.It takes responsibility for serving the country through industry and improving the people’s livelihood. Under the careful guidance of governments at all levels and the full support of all sectors of society, it has achieved rapid development and remarkable achievements after 20 years of hard work.

With the deepening of national medical system reform, Jemincare is facing new challenges of research and development processes, industry ungrading and platforms construction. At the new beginning, we need focus on the customers, exerts the wisdom of employees, and cooperated with partner to get win-win situation. In addtion, we shuold satisfy the growing demand of people in medicine and care through the continuous innovation of high quality drugs and the supply of outstanding service to achieve continuous progresses.

Keeping the concept of being honest to the world in mind and take the responsbility for relieving the people. We shuold remember the earliest goal, forge ahead with partners despite challeges to realize dreams, live a healthy, happy and successful life and achieve another triumph of Jemincare.

Jemincare Group Chairman
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